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Larry Lonik

January 31, 1949 - April 15, 2003

Larry Lonik passed away in Missouri last April after a day of mushroom hunting and dining with friends.
He is survived by his parents, Anthony and Joann (Lawrence) Lonik, two brothers,
Gary Lonik and Barry Lonik, many other family members, and a host of close friends.

Known as "Tree," "Spore Boy" and "The Mushroom Man," Larry was the world's foremost authority on morel mushrooms. He wrote the first book on morels, The Curious Morel in 1984,
and designed and built the first commercial facility to grow morels indoors.

He produced mushroom videos, led seminars and mushroom hunting weekends,
and picked mushrooms in 19 states, seven Canadian provinces, 12 countries and three continents.

He'd been featured in various newspaper, magazine, radio and TV appearances, including CBS News’ "Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood," Mother Earth News, The Food Network, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, National Public Radio and Martha Stewart Living.
Larry shared his enthusiasm and expertise with many people, including us.

Larry's body was cremated and his ashes spread in northern lower Michigan on land where he hunted mushrooms. A memorial and celebration of his life was held on June 1, 2003 at Hudson Mills Metropark.
If you weren't able to be there, we hope these pictures will make you feel a part of his legacy.

His memorial took place on a gorgeous, cool, sunny Michigan day.

Bill and I took a short walk through the woods while we waited for people to arrive.

Larry's brother Barry Lonik ~~~~~ Rich Blaut and Shelly Mazur

Friends came from far and wide...

Tom Nauman ~~~~~ Bill Darwin II ~~~~~ Missouri Martin

We shared food and stories about "Tree".


Bill Darwin II
Afterward, like others, I'm sure, we hit the woods again. We couldn't help thinking we were being led by the mushroom master,
and late in the season though it was, we found plenty for dinner that night.

We'll miss you, man.


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